PZU Avalanche Rescue Courses

Avalanche Training Courses by PZU


Shoot for the Avalanche Training Courses by PZU – one of the largest polish insurance companies.

Location: Maso Corto, Italy.

I have also developed advanced course-selling web platform for the organization. Click here to visit.

Joanna Jóźwik for Wiko

Joanna Jóźwik for Wiko


Advertising photos with Joanna Jóźwik – athlete, polish champion in 800m – who has become the ambassador of Wiko Mobile, smartphone producer, that is conquering polish market.

Joanna apparently is into fashion, hence on many of the photos you will not consider her being a top athlete.

Polish Rugby Association

Polish Rugby Association


Creating promotional images for Polish Rugby Association. Location: Energa Gdańsk Stadium.