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Being a tour-leader and creating a live travel journal at the same time was not an easy one…

Pentacostal Romani Wedding

Pentacostal Romani Wedding


“We are facing harrasments from two sides. One, because we are Gypsy, two, because we are Pentecostal, which is believed to be a sect” – says Andrzej Walawski, pastor of congregation of Bystrzyca. “But more and more community members convert”.

This is the day of the wedding of Tymoteusz and Daria.  A short chapter of life of the community.  This day can be thought of as a magnifying glass through which to look into the gypsy nature and the influence of their new faith on their lives.

The video cameraman at the wedding said “I was at a couple of weddings of white folks, where there was no alcohol. After few hours of heavy atmosphere the parties died. And here? I’ve never seen a party like this!”

Boeung Kak - the Vanishing Lake

Boeung Kak – the Vanishing Lake


Until recently, Boeung Kak – an area centrally located in the capital city of Cambodia, Phnom Penh – was covered by the largest urban lake. Residential areas, businesses, restaurants, hotels, embassies and other local businesses surrounded the lake. It was a backpackers’ favourite spot for its plentitude of hostels with porches overlooking the lake 

In 2007 the Cambodian government made an agreement to lease the land to a corporation. This resulted in the filling of the lake with sand in order for the company to build condominiums and other complexes on the land. The change of the lake and the area surrounding the lake has had major social and environmental impact. Several non-governmental organizations in Cambodia as well as international actors have protested the destruction of Boeung Kak.

As of 27 February 2012 Boeung Kak Lake is gone being entirely filled with sand.


One of the photos has been nominated to Grand Press Photo Contest 2009.