Comprehensive Branding for Barbara Vettorel – author and mentor

From designing all aspects of personal brand through portrait photography to web development - I had a unique opportunity to support Barbara in launching her first book.

The work we created together with Barbara is a good example of the importance of strong cooperation between the client and designer/photographer. Barbara understood that her input, direction, and commitment are crucial for the project to reflect her true nature.

Even though we started with a blank page, we moved quickly toward great results. I was giving Barbara many choices, out of which she swiftly and decisively selected the ones to work on. Barbara, although calm, has a strong personality and clear preferences that reflect her values and vision. Her great feedback helped me move out of the ordinary scheme and come up with unique compositions.

Due to the book’s personal nature, we had to strike a delicate balance between emotions and professionalism. Nevertheless, we managed to pull off a project, which for me, has ended with great results. It included:

  • Designing Visual Brand Identity:
    • Logo
    • brand colours and fonts
    • business cards
    • templates for social media posts
  • Photography – portraits taken in my studio and at locations chosen by Barbara
  • Web Design – a unique website promoting Barbara’s writing and coaching – visit the site at:

Below the photographs you will find Barbara’s few words on our cooperation.

Belovedly Me Book Cover - Gola.PRO

Book Cover

Portrait of Barbara for the book cover.

Web Design - Portrait

Working with Tomek Gola was a pleasure from the word go.
A quick thinker and talented creative, he effortlessly captured my business' requirements and brought in his expertise to complement, not to dominate. His short response time and high efficiency delivered results quickly and ensured we could meet the ambitious deadline ahead of time. Tomek's vast experience in web design was priceless; his ability to quickly transform my ideas into visuals enabled me to make decisions with confidence and ease. I valued his accessibility and kindness while he maintained the highest professional standards at all times. Having him in charge of the photography made the process even smoother and added to creating a blended visual expression. His enthusiasm and dedication for his work are catching, his ability to listen a huge asset. I could not be happier with the result, and I would hire him anytime again!

Barbara Vettorel

Mindset Mentor, Author and passionate Self-Love Advocate