Portraits of “Diversity” for Ladies Drive Magazine

I was privileged to create series of portraits of leading swiss businesswomen for the present issue of Ladies Drive Magazine (Fall 2020).

The portraits are complimenting the women’s personal stories of “Diversity”.

Together with Sandra-Stella Triebl – the Founder and CEO of the magazine – we decided to create a unified set of black-and-white portraits that would emphasize individual characters of the great women.

It was a truly great experience to cooperate with such strong personalities in creating this distinct series of photographs.

The Ladies Drive Magazine is printed in remarkably high-quality. It’s a real pleasure to see the portraits reproduced with such a fine detail.

Pop-up studio set up in a loft in Zürich to accommodate the photo shoot

Sandra-Stella Triebl

Founder & CEO – Swiss Ladies Drive

Yvonne Bettkober

General Manager Switzerland – Amazon Web Services

Bea Knecht

Founder and Board Member – Zattoo International AG, Levuro AG, Genistat AG

Camilla Douraghy Fischbacher

Creative Director – Christian Fischbacher Co AG

Anju Rupal

Founder & CEO – Abhati Suisse

Yamin Gu Gröninger

Partner, Markets & Business Development Lead – Financial Services Switzerland

Vanessa Münzhuber

International Wealth Manager

Nada Hassan

Managing Director – Swiss Universal Bank

Kazu Huggler

Designer, Founder – KAZU