Portraits of innovators at Geneus

A portrait photo session for innovators based at Geneus – one of Geneva’s incubators – during the Global Entrepreneurship Week.

Geneus – is an innovation initiator based in the incredible Campus Biotech Innovation Park in Geneva. It helps innovators in life sciences make their first steps in developing their product.

I proposed Geneus to organise a portrait photo session for their innovators during the Global Entrepreneurship Week.

Entrepreneurs usually have a very limited budget – or none at all – for marketing purposes. They still need good portraits to look competent. I offered them professional portraits for a very economical price.

As a result the innovators ended up with professional photos, Geneus – with an original support solution for their entrepreneurs. For me it was yet another way of introduction to the extremely difficult market of photography services in Geneva and an investment in the future – at the end of the day the innovators will need great photographs of their successful ventures.

Here is a selection of portraits shot that day.

Pop-up studio in a conference room at Geneus HQ.