Professional Portrait

Unfold Your Individuality

It’s not about how you look. It’s about who you are.

My role is not only about setting up lighting that fits you best and taking exceptional photo of you. It’s primarily about directing you to emphasize your grace and dignity.

In my portraiture I focus on empowering people. This is the driving force behind my portrait photography.

Portrait Portfolios:

Selected Portraits

Paweł Pawlikowski

Awards winning (Oscar among others) filmmaker.

Małgorzata Szumowska

Internationally acclaimed film director, screenwriter and producer.

Yvonne Bettkober

General Manager – Amazon Web Services – Switzerland

Susanne Siegler

Dean at Les Roches – world’s leading hospitality school.

Professional portrait options

The style of a professional portrait should be adapted to the person’s needs and character. There are unlimited options to create a stunning portrait. I use top-quality lighting system, which is portable, thus I can shoot virtually everywhere and in any conditions.

Shooting at studio

Shooting at studio gives endless possibilities of illuminating the model, thus revealing different temperaments – from classic elegance to creative spirit – or any mix in between.

Plain studio background emphasises nobility and is the main choice for portraits to be used on corporate websites, professional social platforms and in high-end magazines. The luminosity of the background does also play a significant role – bright and dark backgrounds create a completely different atmosphere:

  • bright – bright backgrounds are often used on congress websites, in magazines and CVs
  • dark grey – dark backgrounds highlight the portrayed person and are often used by high-rank managers
  • black – recommended for creative and casual portraits.

Portraits may be cropped in the following ways:

  • bust – tight crop – especially useful for websites, LinkedIn and publications, where face is just a little icon
  • half-body shot – upper part of the body  – used often in publications, where a portrait needs to fill up big part of a page
  • full body – for special purposes.

My Studio in Geneva, Switzerland

Atelier 13 BAT43
Route des Acacias 43
1227 Genève

Pop-up studio at client’s location

On clients’ demand I set up a fully equipped pop-up studio at their location. The space required for such a studio is 20m2.

Business Portraits shot in studio

Ingeborg Albert

Innovation Manager at

Marija Musija

Founder of Empowerment Lab

Juri Watanabe

RTB House

Dan Bartel

VP Worldwide Sales – Garmin

Cédric Stucki

Sales Director – RTB House

Paweł Bandurski

CEO – BPH Bank

Creative Portraits shot in studio

Loren Perraudin

Model. Digital Marketing Specialist – Synchro

Meg Pagani

Founder of

Anna Gacek

Music journalist, fashion blogger

Aleksander Doba

National Geographic Adventurer of 2015

Tomasz Wasilewski

Award winning filmmaker

Damian Sikorski

Musician, music journalist at Radio Czwórka

Shooting on location

In a location shoot the background becomes part of the narrative of the portrait, so it is crucial to choose it thoughtfully.

I use either ambient light or high-quality portable studio lighting to correctly expose the models.

On more demanding projects I cooperate with skilled assistants to help me set up the scene quickly.

Aleksandra Lada-Gola

Senior Strategy Manager at Edwards Lifesciences

Susanne Siegler

Dean at Les Roches

Anna Paczuska

Sales Operations & Marketing Lead Specialist – GE Healthcare

Helena Marczewska

Actress, singer

Marcin Bortkiewicz

Director, screenwriter, producer

Daria Tataj

World expert on innovation networks.

Anna Zawadzka

Founder & CEO – Better Academy

Jerzy Bończak


Sebastian Cybulski


Your Portrait Portfolio

Having one portrait may be quite limiting.

A portfolio of various portraits allows you to choose the right look for a specific need. A photograph used on LinkedIn shall be different from the one used on Facebook (individuals serious about their role should have a proper portrait on fb as well). There is often a need to share a portrait for a conference website, to an article in an on-line magazine or a printed publication. One portrait in a specific style may be not fitting to all those purposes. It may also be quite monotonous.

Sandra Stella Triebl

Founder & CEO – Swiss Ladies Drive.

The Process

Portrait shoot might seem just a short affair in front of the camera.

In reality the whole process from preparing for the session to delivering the final photographs takes me at least 5 times more than the mere shooting time.

Don’t worry – for you it’s not that time consuming.

I do my best to ease the process up for you.

This is why I prepared a document where I collected all my observations I came upon in my over decade long experience as a portrait photographer.

Few days before the shoot I share it with you so when the time comes, you are well prepared to stand in front of the camera.

The shoot

Some people feel very natural in front of the camera. But majority does not. In fact the most common sentence I hear right after “Hi” is “I hate to have photos taken of me”.

Believe me or not – very often one of the last sentences I hear “It was a great adventure!”

Yes – photo session is a great adventure. My role is to guide you through the unknown terrain and lead us both to succeed in creating a timeless portrait of you.


Within two weeks after the shoot I send you my initial selection out of the hundreds photos we do. You choose the final images you want to use. I then professionally edit these photographs and send you these images in final version.

I edit portraits myself. I do not use any portrait enhancing software.

I consider proper editing part of my craftsmanship. The portraits have to retain natural look while hiding obvious flaws.


Sandra Stella-Triebl - Testimonials

Tomek is an outstanding photographer and an incredibly talented human being.
We collaborate with him on a regular basis for the featured editorial stories in every issue of our quarterly print mag Ladies Drive. It’s not easy to have business women in front of a camera - but he always catches this magic moments no matter how experienced someone is. That’s what makes a difference. So I can only highly recommend Tomek as a photographer for events and portraits.

Sandra-Stella Triebl

TOP 5 Swiss-Leader, Founder & CEO - Swiss Ladies Drive
Meg Pagani - Testimonials - Gola.PRO

I highly recommend Tomek as a professional photographer!
Over the last 2-3 years of intense professional and personal growth I changed a lot my personal branding -- and I struggled to find someone able to capture it in pictures. Tomek did! Today I am using Tomek pictures for all my professional work as Entrepreneur and Public Speaker. Choosing to work with him will definitely open opportunities in terms of what you'll be able to communicate with your image.

Meg Pagani

Founder, Forbes 30 under 30
Kostek Strzelski - Testimonials Gola.PRO

I have worked with Tomek many times on projects requiring professional and very efficient operation.
His photography is characterized by everything needed for a good story and brand presentation or marketing purposes. Tomek is a fantastic and creative photographer. A great colleague who is always supportive in private and professional life. Number one when thinking of photography.

Kostek Strzelski

Filmmaker, CEO & film producer at Delikatesy Filmowe
Ingeborg Albert - Testimonials - Gola.PRO

I highly recommend Tomek for professional photoshoots.
Not only did Tomek make my personal profile pictures, we also hired his services for our company and in both occasions the experience was extremely professional and moreover the outcomes exceeded expectations. The customer experience was marvelous, from preparation to photo selection and follow up!

Ingeborg Albert

Innovation Manager at
Marta Lesiewska - Testimonials - Gola.PRO

Tomek is not only a photographer with a keen eye, but he is a trusted partner for every project.
He was shooting a lot of sports and corporate events for me and always delivered great results. His pictures create a story. In a dynamic situation of the event, he captures emotions, results, story and branding perfectly. Tomek also has excellent project management skills. He proved it many times by organising photoshoots, leading a team of photographers or advising on the branding. His innovative start-up played a crucial role in reaching the wide audience in a real-time with high-quality photo content from major sports events. I recommend Tomek for every event organiser who's looking for a photographer to create additional value with pictures.

Marta Lesiewska

Sustainability, ESG, Communication

Portrait Session Pricing

I hope I got you interested in working together on your great portraits.

They will not only represent you for the years to come, but these will be great lifetime souvenirs.

If you are interested in the pricing of a photo-session, please send me a message using the form below.

Although I have a general price list for portrait sessions, I prefer to share it with you personally. Why? Because a portrait session is a very personal matter for me. And I believe for you too.

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