Sandra-Stella Triebl

Founder & CEO – Swiss Ladies Drive

Sandra-Stella stands behind the acclaimed initiatives focusing on business women.

In 2007, without any investors nor support from publishing houses, she established “Ladies Drive” – the first Swiss business magazine for women. It’s still the most important one in the field.

In 2008 she launched “Bargespräche“. What was supposed to be a “small talk” affair, in a short time grew to a series of events taking place all around Switzerland with prominent guests interviewed by Stella herself.

In 2014 she initiated League of Leading Ladies – a business club for female business owners and c-level ladies of international enterprises. Stella organises themed conferences each year for the members of the club.

As a person, Sandra-Stella is a very open, gentle and empathetic woman. Her courteous style empowers not only aspiring business women, but also high profile professionals across Switzerland.

Before the fabled “Diversity” shoot for the “Ladies Drive” magazine we had a portrait shoot in an astonishing loft in Zürich.