"How the breaches we are currently experiencing can be healed."

Self-healing is the leading theme of the new issue of Ladies Drive Magazine (Fall 2021, No 55).

The Stars of the feature are:

Cynthia Wolfensberger

Medical Manager of Pallas Klinik Jelmoli, Zürich. Specialist in aesthetic and plastic surgery.

“Self-healing feels like after keeping breathless for a long time you can breathe again.”

Silvia Jauch


“Self-healing is as a perfect dive in the sea – endlessly blue and clear.”

Dechen Shak-Dagsay

Swiss-tibetan Singer and Author. Tai-Chi teacher.

“Self-healing starts with a healthy mindset. The first step is to empathise with ourselves and recognise, what is it that makes us sick.”

Magali Deloof

Country Manager at SparkOptimus Switzerland

“When I think of self-healing I visualise warm yellow, the colour of the rising sun, the colour of bright shining light & also the colour of the smiley at my front door.”

Patricia Kastner

Enterpreneur, Business Angel & Co-Founder of Contentserv

“The pandemic was like a Katharsis for me.”

Katrin Sorgenfrey


“If Self-healing had a scent, it would be that of a rose on an early morning.”