Portraits of “Uncertainty” for Ladies Drive Magazine

It was one of the more challenging portrait shoots. The theme for the series of interviews for Ladies Drive Magazine’s winter issue was “Uncertainty”.

The theme fits perfectly for the times we live in now. The interviews are very encouraging and we can all relate to them.

Yet how do you show uncertainty without making people look frightened but rather hopeful. How do you bring out their hardships and still preserve their dignity.

I was worried I would either create uninteresting photographs or unwillingly hurt the sensitive women.

I asked the women to bring an item, which gives them strength in difficult times. I planned to take a separate photo of it, putting less stress on the portrait itself.

I also decided to use a couple of visual tricks to amplify the ambiance. Some of the portraits were taken next to a window to capture a reflection of the photographed person. I also shot all the pictures through a prism, which produced lightning streaks and obscured parts of the photograph. But these were just visual aids – the essential role had to be played out by the women. 

They did great!

Let me introduce you to the brave individuals (in order of appearance in the magazine).

"See". Katia Murman, Editor-in-chief of Blick.ch.

"Hope". Dr. Nadia Khan, Head of Moyamoya Centre University Children's Hospital Zurich.

"Courage". Dr. Patricia Waldvogel, Leading Psychologist at the Center for Anxiety and Depression Treatment Zurich.

"Intuition". Barbara Vettorel, Owner & Founder of Miraclemind Coaching.

"Boat". Angela Matthes, former CEO of Baloise Life AG.

"Labyrinth". Doris Merz Nardone, CEO, Owner & Founder of PM Care Systems AG.

"Trust". Prof. Dr. Antoinette Weibel, Professor for Personal Management on St. Gallen University.

"Faith". Helia Burgunder, C-Level Executive.

"Eye Of A Storm". Lisa Christen, CEO / Executive Coach.