Winter Sports Festival

Behind every success there is always a Leader

Winter Sports Festival – a unique freestyle event – started off as an enthusiastic big air competition for freeskiers dubbed Polish Freeskiing Open (PFO). Over the course of 17 years it grew to become one of FIS Europa Cup for Freeskiers and Snowboarders and FMB (Freestyle Mountain Bike) World Tour Events.

This growth was only possible due to the immense determination of the founder of the event – Andrzej Lesiewski – the CEO of Snow PR. Being part of the event I could see, how much it takes every year to organise such an immense tournament. How many obstacles and hurdles Andrzej faces to put it all together. His perseverance inspires the whole team to make the best out of it.

Andrzej Lesiewski - CEO of SNOW PR

Official Photographer

On the first edition of PFO in 2004 I competed as a freeskier, but overshot the landing. Since the second edition I decided to play it safe and stay behind the glass. Ever since I have been documenting every edition of this ambitious project.

Web Development

I have developed the official website of the event. Check it out:

Live Photo Streaming

Winter Sports Festival has been streamed live with a proprietary Photo Streaming system:

BWITH.US - Live Photo Streaming


Go to to see the full photo archive of Winter Sports Festival. Below just a small selection.

Garmin Winter Sports Festival 2020

Garmin Winter Sports Festival 2019

Garmin Winter Sports Festival 2018

Honor Winter Sports Festival 2017

Kotelnica Białczańska Winter Sports Festival 2016